The initiative to open a conveyancing office was a culmination of factors; the Conveyancers Licensing Act 1995 that expanded the work that could be performed by licensed conveyancers and the availability of computerised conveyancing management systems.

Thus in July 2000 Topline Conveyancing opened for business. The primary objective being to provide competitive, cost effective conveyancing service for people seeking such a service within the Macarthur area.
Being a division of a local, long standing legal firm provides the added security and ‘peace of mind’ to clients along with competitive conveyancing rates and service from highly qualified and dedicated staff.
Whilst primarily operating in the Macarthur area, we are able to offer fast, efficient conveyancing services in any area of New South Wales.

All of our staff are Macarthur residents and understand the needs of the local area. Proudly, we can advise that our business success has largely been achieved as a result of referrals from our existing clients. A success history we strive to maintain with every new client.